Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I gained one and one half pounds in a month and started getting into some old crazy thinking. I cried out to the Lord to be set free from this and He began showing me some roots. Many cases in my childhood when different relatives fed me instead of talking to me, pointing me to the Lord, and listening to me and hugging and loving me. I learned at an early age, and repeatedly, that food makes me feel better during stressful times.
I felt badly, but am now thankful for this weight gain. I am feeling more compassion for people who are in any addiction. At some point, they were in distress, and a substance made them feel better, thus setting up a stronghold.
The Lord came to set the captives free, and as we come to Him, grieve out those places, ask Him to show us where He was in those instances, ask Him to use this for His glory, surrender these areas to Him, and pray, and quote scriptures of truth and His promises these strongholds will tumble in the name of Jesus.