Friday, June 18, 2010


I believe the Lord is showing me that behind this eating too much is lust.
The Lord has led me for the last 2 days to watch Creflo Dollar. He is speaking on casting down every thought and imagination that exalts itself above the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The sin starts in the mind as a thought and as an imagination, or an image.
I picture the sundae or cookie in my mind, I think about the sundae or cookie. If I do not cast down that thought by holding it captive, rebuking it out loud, and then boldly speaking a Bible verse, I will yield to temptation.
This is helping me so very much. It is helping me not only in eating but also in other areas. Last night I came home from work at midnight. As I pulled into the garage I knew it was dark and I was alone. My husband was snoring in bed. I started to get fearful thoughts about what could happen to me. I held that thought, rebuked it, and started speaking the Word aloud. I felt peace before I walked into the house.
At work, people were talking about food. I started thinking about eating a snack. Instead I took a walk up and down the halls, held that thought captive, rebuked it and said Jesus is Lord, not food. Soon the temptation left and I did not eat until my stomach was hungry. To God be the glory.

Monday, June 7, 2010

as a child

If we would remain as a child I do not believe we would have these food issues.
I observed my 7 year old Grndchild yesterday. She laid down for a few minutes because she was sleepy. After about 15 minutes she jumped up and started playing on the trampoline and playing with her hula hoop. Her body knew it needed to move.
After about 30 minutes of this she said she was hungry. I served her supper of which she ate about two thirds, said she was full and was ready to play again.
Help us to remain as children, Lord, and to trust what you have already programed into us. Help us not to interfere with the things you have built into these little ones entrusted into our care.