Friday, January 16, 2009

trusting God

After being retired for 2 years God is calling me back into the workforce. I was fearful and prayed a lot about this. Every day God assures me that when He calls me He equips me. That it is not me but Him.
This makes me think of my eating too. The more I rely on Him and the less I rely on me the better this will work.
If only we could learn to trust Him more and rely on Him more in all areas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made

God has made our bodies in such an awesome way. No human can ever come close to His creation.
He built this hunger mechanism into our bodies. I have noticed that some days I require more.
Wednesday I exercised in the morning and went to a dance in the evening. I had a lot more activity than usual. Thursday I was so hungry every 2 hours so I ate more. My body needed more.
Over the Holidays I ate more rich food than usual but still between hunger and satisfied. Now my body is telling me to eat plain wholesome food.
Another thing I have noticed is that our brain is a fabulous computer created by Almighty God. Our eyes, ears, nose and mouth program the computer. I do not want a junky computer so I want to program it properly with the Word of God, positive confession, listening to wholesome things and never looking at evil such as what is so often at the movies and on tv.