Sunday, July 25, 2010


Author Beth Moore says that "the heart of any plan is seeking His plan"
This is so true. With eating we must agree to not eat unless hungry and stop when satisfied. If I do not eat within these boundaries I am overeating .
What works for me, however, may not work for another person. My husband is diabetic so he may need to follow guidelines that his physician has given him and when he seeks wisdom from the Lord he may hear something different than I do.
The Lord may instruct me to fast for awhile and just seek His plan for my eating. Another person may not be instructed to fast at that time.
Seek Him and His plan.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I am so thankful for this way of eating. My husband and I just had a wonderful vacation. We ate out at a buffet two different times. I did not overeat at either buffet. I put the meal on one plate and kept portions very small.
The last buffet had a dessert buffet as well. I ate half a roll but no other starches. I like sweets so took 3 desserts and ate a bite of each leaving me at only a 5 on the hunger scale.
At one time I would have filled my plate 3 times.
I spent a great deal of time in prayer and surrender just as I need to do with other areas of my life.