Monday, December 15, 2008


I read the book of Galatians this morning. I thought how much we can apply the lessons in this book of the Bible to our eating. We are no longer under the law. We live by asking and allowing the Holy Spirit who lives within us to guide our eating.

I am making a couple of changes. I am finding that coffee is not a whole body pleaser for me and rich holiday treats are not whole body pleasers for me. The treats are causing me to feel sluggish and the coffee stimulates my bladder and my appetite.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More about Holidays

Help me, Lord to not make Holidays an excuse to get back into old habits of lusting after food. Help me to exalt you and to put you first. You truly are the Bread of Life. Help me to come to you for all my needs instead of turning to food or business. Help me to be a good example of self discipline and obedience esp. during this season of the celebration of your birth. Happy Birthaday,Jesus.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I want to glorify God in my eating as well as in all areas of my life. I spent hours with the Lord on Thanksgiving from 5am until 9am. I decided that if Jesus needed to spend all night in prayer before choosing His disciples I need to spend at least that much time in prayer and in the Word before tempting situations. I was so richly blessed. The day went smoothly and without dysfunction or strife, which is unusual when we get together. My Daughter even commented on how relaxed I seemed, which is also unusual for me since I do not believe the gift of hospitality has been one of my gifts. I did not overeat and the rich food did not even appeal to me. I experienced unspeakable peace and joy not only that evening and day but also the next day.
What a lesson for me. Abide in Him.
The answer is so simple and I make it so complicated.