Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seeking His Plan

I was so touched by a post on the TW forums. There was a lively discussion going on about 2 different Christian weight loss programs. About which was best, pros and cons etc.
Someone posted that all of the authors are human and therefore err. That only God is perfect and we need to go to Him for our guidance.
This is so true. He wants me to be at my ideal weight. He created us, He loves us, and He will show us the way for our lives if only we will trust Him and obey.
To obey does not mean I have to be perfect. It means I need to confess and repent on a regular basis and follow His guidance as He directs in the Word and as He speaks to my heart.

Monday, February 9, 2009

FLesh Machinery

After reading from TW about flesh machinery I realize that food still means too much too me. I still eat for pleasure and comfort at times.
I want God to be first in my life and for Him to satisfy me even more than the richest of foods.
I want Him to be my all.
Help me Lord to have no other Gods before you. You are enough.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

21 days

We had the most wonderful sermon about taking 21 days to form a habit.
I want to practice what I heard and spend 21 days recommiting to this program. I want to invite the Lord into every eating occasion instead of trying to do this on my own and then to be obedient to what I feel I hear.
As soon as I think I do not need to pay attention and try to do this on my own I fail.
I think God allows this thorn in the flesh to keep me dependent on Him. To show me just how much I really need Him. That I can't even take care of simple meals without Him.