Saturday, March 7, 2009

The joy of obedience

There really is joy in obedience. I have really struggled with eating between hunger and satisfaction for breakfast and at bedtime. This has shown up in a little weight gain. I spent a lot of time in prayer the night before last and asked the Lord to help me just for the next day to be obedient.
It was 915 before I reached hunger. I usually get up and eat no matter what but continued in prayer and was able to not give into temptation. Instead of the usual hunger at about 1030 requiring a snack, I was not hungry. Then at lunch it took very little to get me to a point of satisfaction. I felt such joy.
If I sense this kind of joy over one act of obedience in this area there must be joy if I seek to be obedient in other areas as well.
The other thing I feel like the Lord is once again speaking to me is that my motives are to be for His glory. That is when this will work. Sure diets help people release weight even if the motive is a smaller size, but we as Christians need to want this for the glory of God. When someone asks or notices it is a tool I can use to lead them to the Lord or into a deeper relationship with Him.

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