Monday, June 16, 2008

Grace versus legalism

We have a monthly support group at my Church in addition to the weekly community support group.
This month we are challenged to pray for a greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. For this month to ask God how much, what, and when to eat and then to obey.
In addition to this to grieve out the pain of why we have focused on food or eating laws to avoid facing what is going on with us.
Grace is freedom that conforms us from within. Legalism is bondage that constrains us from without.
Do I want to achieve a certain weight at all costs?
Do I think losing weight will solve all my problems?
Am I focusing on my weight, a diet, or even the 8 keys to avoid the deeper issues?
I challenge myself and all of us to go back to that time in our lives when we used these things to escape.
Thin Within Temptaion Busters:
STOP: Stop and flee from evil desires. 1 Corinthinians 14: 20
LOOK: Look for God's prepared path and turn away from temptations. Jeremiah 6:16
LISTEN: Listen to His voice as you draw on His grace and power to pursue godliness. John 10:27
OBEY: As you do what He asks you will experience joy! John 15: 10 and 11