Saturday, April 19, 2008


I have struggled with breakfast. I want to eat as soon as I get out of bed whether I am at a 0 or not. I changed my morning routine and started getting dressed, drinking some water and then doing some Bible study. Then I am not eating until I hit 0. I am amazed how good the food tastes when I am truly hungry. Also it is later, like 8am before I sense true hunger. Then it is noon before I am hungry again. The Bread of Life is starting my day much better and sustaining me so much better than physical bread.

A little more of my story.
After going through this episode of anorexia I ate more and gained some of the weight back. Then when I was 16 years old Mom died of cancer. I felt nauseated most of the time and was unable to eat very much so maintained my weight throughout Highschool. I will say that having the weight off I felt a little better about myself and doors opened that may not have if I had stayed so heavy. For one thing I had a date for the prom and was able to participate it phys ed without feeling self conscious. Also I filled out papers and was interviewed and accepted into Nursing school. During 3 years of Nursing School we got all 3 meals in the cafeteria. There was a lot of good food readily available. I took nutrition and learned a lot about different diets for weight loss and disease. When I gained a little I would put myself on a 1200 calorie diet. I told the cooks in the cafeteria and they fixed just the right amount for all 3 meals which was great.
I fluctuated by 20 pounds during that time but never got extremely overweight even though it was a struggle. I dated and married a young man during the last 6 months of school. I did this more out of loneliness than anything and the marriage ended in divorce in less than 2 years.
I will tell you more later, once again hoping someone will be helped. I will try to also include something that is helpful to me presently that you may use if so led by the Lord.

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