Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my story

Today I will tell a little more of my story and hope someone can relate.
I ended with age 8. I continued to overeat and have a relationship with food. Food was my friend that was always there to comfort me and make me feel better. It also isolated me so really was not my friend. I was unable to participate in sports or run hard and play like the other children. Plus I was the only overweight child in my class. Of course I got bullied a lot. I think overweight children are bullied worse than any other group of children. My nickname was bloat. The abuse was so bad I hid in the classroom during recess and peeked out the window at the other children to watch them play. My Mother made special clothes for me or altered them. At least my sisters and brother never picked on me at home about my weight but seemed to accept me.
When I was 12 years old I weighed 185 pounds. I am 5'2".
I overhearn my Mom and one of her friends talking about a diet in which you ate one portion of what you want for lunch and split breakfast between supper and breakfast. I thought that was a good idea. By now the teachers at school were even making little comments to me and suttle hints about my weight. I felt pretty unloved and unaccepted. My Mother and I were not getting along during this period of time either.
I started this diet I heard my Mom and her friend talking about. I did this with no support. In fact we had an Aunt living with us that said in front of the whole family that I would not stick with it and made a kind of face to which noone came to my defense.
I ate toast and juice for breakfast, ate school lunch and a bowl of cereal for supper and rode my bicycle for about an hour every evening. I continued to do this every day never letting up.
By my 14th Birthday I weighed 117 pounds. My motive was for the other children to quit making fun of me. I decided I would diet until they stopped calling me names.
The next part of my story will tell how I then had a bout with anorexia.

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